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About Guests 247...

Guests 247 is a new concept for the hospitality industry looking to provide design. web, marketing, assistance and printing services to your hospitality based business. We recognise the busy lives you live and that a simpler, faster and more cost effetcive way of doing the essentials is needed.

We want to work with you to get you more guest bookings. We can provide a range of different web solutions to help with this and at prices to suit all budgets not just the mid to high end ones. Get in touch today and see just how we can help you and your hospitality business grow.

Our Services

We provide a range of services all aimed at the hospitality sector. Our primary focus is on creating attractive, easy to use websites with or without integrated booking systems that your customers will love to use and will also automate a lot of your customer service.


We offer guestASSIST which is our online customer service chat system aimed at the needs of the hospitality industry. Using secure encrypted connections you can even take card payments for bookings over the system to confirm your guests booking.


We can offer a full range of commercial printing of all the printed media you will need for your hospitality based business. From cards to flyers to the sign on your building!

Graphic Design

We have our own in-house graphic design service to create stunning professional logos and artwork for use throughout your business. Used in conjuction with our printing services we can elevate your promotional media to a whole new level.

Web Development

At the very core of our services is our Web Development work. People live busy lives and want answers to their questions FAST. Having a simple to use, attractive looking website with easy options for booking and answers to all your customers questions laid out for them will be the difference between Guests booking with you or going to your competitors.

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